Submissions > Fracking is not a healthy choice by Crystal Cookson

Fracking is not a healthy choice by Crystal Cookson

I am very unhappy the the Liberal Government has decided to let fracking or the conversation of fracking happen in our beautiful province, I know JDI is the only person(s) who will benefit from the rape of our land and waterways, you should be aware that we here in New Brunswick, more so in the rural communities take their clean water, land and air very seriously and will step up once again to protect it, regardless, of Liberal or Conservatives sneaky tactics, i have spent 3 years of my life standing and speaking out against the shale oil industry development in this or any other province, I will not sit back and let my home be scared by that industry anymore then it already has.

Thanks for your consideration, and make sure you mention in your reports that the public is not aware of this commission on which you stand as a whole, no public licence, no consent, and no proper consultation has been done with any aboriginal or First Nations Peoples.

Submitted by: Crystal Cookson, Moncton NB