Submissions > Hydraulic Fracturing Expertise by Ronald J. Clements, P. Eng. MBA

Hydraulic Fracturing Expertise by Ronald J. Clements, P. Eng. MBA

I am a Professional Engineer with 30 years in the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta. Twenty-Five of those were with an Engineering Firm "Codeco Consulting Inc." / "Codeco Energy Group". For the last 12 years, I acted as President of the firm. I retired last year and moved to New Brunswick. Codeco's specialty is in the planning and execution of field operations; drilling, well completions, production optimization and well bore abandonment. My background is in well completion techniques including planning and execution of hydraulic fracturing on 100's of wells over the span of my career. Extracting shale gas has introduced game changing technology to the energy sector and added a level of complexity to the drilling operations that never existed previously.

I would be more that happy to contribute my knowledge and experience in any way I can to the knowledge base being built here in New Brunswick regarding the process of hydraulic fracturing and the implications it holds for all stakeholders. Please feel free to contact me at any time if I you feel my experience can be helpful in contributing to a meaningful way forward for the Province with respect to Hydraulic Fracturing and the potential it holds for the energy sector in NB.

Submitted by: Ronald J. Clements, P. Eng. MBA, Dieppe, NB