Submissions > NBDELG very slow to respond when things go wrong!! by Annie Thériault

NBDELG very slow to respond when things go wrong!! by Annie Thériault

I say a Strong No to the fracking industry. With all the budget cuts, NBDELG has limited funds to properly monitor, and subsequently enforce their own rules and regulations. I know first hand of a situation in Charlo, where multiple rules and conditions from Approvals to operate, have been grossly broken, yet they renewed their permit, have not removed the contamination and are not being transparent with the sharing of a risk assesment report, that directly concerns my drinking water. It appears everything is done "to give a chance" to the deceitful company, and they are not following the principle of taking every measure to prevent subsequent irreversible damages to the drinking water supply of residents. I have been in contact with NBDELG for almost a year, things are moving extremly slow, and if I wouldn't be so persistent, I would have stopped hearing from them long time ago. It's really not the experience I thought it was going to be. I thought inspectors would be pro-active, willing and eager to positively resolve the issues. I thought I would be kept in the loop, informed of the progress done. On the contrary, if you don't specifically ask a question, you will not be kept informed (even if you place a complaint). I had to ask for multiple documents via the Right to access of information, and even then, I was spoon fed, and had to keep asking for missing documents. This experience as left me very weary of how "normal citizens" placing complaints are treated. Very negative experience. I can just imagine placing a complaint against billion dollar industry. Good luck with that one!!

Submitted by: Annie Thériault, Charlo, NB