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No Fracking Please by Sonya Furlong

The environmental impacts of fracking are devastating. Fracking uses millions, if not billions of gallons of clean, fresh water with no safe way to dispose of the poison that is left over. Fracking has been shown to cause earthquakes, sink holes, drought, contamination of ground water, etc. Once the damage is done, you can't fix it. The money isn't worth destroying our environment.

Let's face it, allowing fracking is saying "yes" to money and "no" to the environment & public health.

Fracking could potentially kill a large portion of our wildlife (those who are innocent in all of this and have no voice), it could also kill large populations of people by exposing them (needlessly) to more carcinogens than ever before.

Please don't turn NB into a wasteland! We have so many other, greener options! Many countries (like Germany for example) have banned fracking - they would not ban it if it was safe, they would not ban it if people actually thought it was a good idea.

I'm pleading with you to please learn from the disasters that have already occurred and the countries that were educated enough to say "not here"!

Submitted by: Sonya Furlong, Moncton, NB