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No Shale... by Nancy Strabec

No shale.. I say clearly, no to shale gas.

My family, has farmed organically, for our own needs, for 35 years. We live in the woods, which we cleared ourselves. There is nothing shale gas can give us: we have it all. Clean air and drinking water, good health, food security, and a beautiful and caring community. We have a quiet environment, and watch the moon, and stars, frequently. We both were able to make a living here, and all our needs are filled, and most of our wants.

I have viewed a video called “List of the Harmed” which catalogues a growing list of individuals, and families harmed by shale. Scientist, and oil industry employees, including Dr. D. Susuki, Jessica Ernst, and Dr. T. Igraffea, and riggers who no longer, work in the oil industries, have given me, every reason to believe, shale industry is bad for me, my family, our homestead, farm animals, land, air and water, for now, and generations to come.


Nancy Strabac, Ste. Anne de Kent NB