Submissions > Personal Submission to the Shale Gas Commission of New Brunswick by James Lane

Personal Submission to the Shale Gas Commission of New Brunswick by James Lane

Personal Submission to the Shale Gas Commission of New Brunswick October 26/15

James Lane, Welford Parrish, Kent County NB

Normal etiquette here would be to thank you for allowing me to present my opinion about hydraulic fracking in New Brunswick. Please, let’s dispense with any notion that there could be niceties implied, or expected, in my remittal of this letter. I find the necessity of once again addressing, in my opinion, this non-contentious issue, an affront to my privacy and nothing more than an interference and imposition upon my own valuable time.

I’ve read countless scientific papers, peer reviewed by accredited scientists. Papers which, in no uncertain terms, show clear proof the detriments, geologically and environmentally, hydro-fracking would have upon our bio-systems. NB’s Chief Medical Officer has made her review and subsequent recommendations abundantly clear. Tens of thousands of signatures from concerned NB residents have been inked on petitions and delivered to the NB House of Parliament in complete opposition to the fossil fuel sales pitch. First Nations have retained a lawyer, proven in constitutional and Aboriginal law to ensure their message, a resounding NO FRACKING, is delivered to ears which have no recourse but to consider the message loud and clear.

A rational person would consider the amalgamation of these factors reasonable justification to toss the towel, but not our esteemed premier? The force behind this persistence is nothing but transparent. (not exactly what NBers were suggesting when we called for openness and accountability) Regardless of the influence those corporations have over our politicians, provincially and/or federally, our elected public servants should be turning these wolves away from our doorsteps with nary a mention of the deed accomplished. The oil hounds are baying as thousands upon thousands of other species fade into extinction, choking on the exhaust left in their stead.

If you’d like to commit yourselves to something worthwhile, concentrate of the upcoming summit on climate change in Paris. Tell Gallant you’d like to get a real job. I’ve been offered (and dismissed their offers) several fairly high paying jobs over the last several years, positions which I had held before. ‘Before’ connoting before I became aware of the fragility of our bio-system, our eco-system. I hauled logs off the mountaintops to lumber mills in Chetwyn BC and worked with a rigging crew in a live petro-chemical plant (bitumen processor, Suncor) in Fort McMurray AB. If you’re not part of the solution … NO means NO. Push this industry on us and expect a push back. I’ve spoken with the different communities in Kent County; the Anglos, Francos (inclusive of Acadiens) and the Aboriginals. We are unequivocally united in solidarity to defending our homes, our waters and the rights of future generations.

Submited by: James Lane, Kent County NB