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Tantramar Alliance Against Hydro-fracking

Dear commissioners,

I was pleased to see information about your website in the Times and Transcript earlier this week. The Tantramar Alliance Against Hydro-Fracking has been at work in Sackville for about four years. We consider it our mission to inform the public about the scientific, government and medical studies indicating the inherently risky nature of unconventional oil and gas development; from its questionable economic benefits to fracking waste water to risks to human health -not to mention the contamination to water, land and air- and things, to say the least, do not look good to us.

Along the way I started to write letters, which became articles and eventually a column for the Sackville Tribune-Post. The column has comfortably settled into articles on all matters environmental. I have included four articles from the last year that relate specifically to fracking and the moratorium to perhaps offer some clarity from a citizen's perspective with help from the now over 400 scientific studies that suggest that fracking can in no way be considered safe.

I would like to end here by respectfully disagreeing with a quote in the T&T article attributed to commission member Cheryl Robertson: "I would say there is a percentage of people who are very much in favor of it, there are some that are against it, and then there is a majority of people who really say they don't know enough about the subject."

In 2013 a poll on the issue of fracking was observed by Corporate Research Associates and posted on the CBC website July 19.

 Among 400 people polled:

  • 48% say shale gas is critically important or important, but not critical to the provinces economic future.
  • 44% say shale gas is not very important or not important at all to the economy.

More recently, we know that two-thirds of those voting in N.B. on election day in September of 2014, voted for one of the three parties that favored and promised a ban or a moratorium on all unconventional oil and gas development.


Donna McLellan, Tantramar Alliance Against Hydro-fracking


The following second submission made on November 2, 2015

Dear Cheryl Robertson,

When we spoke with the Commission recently, I mentioned “Slick Water” by Andrew Nikiforuk. I recommended it because I knew of his reporting even though I had only begun reading. Now I have finished and I can recommend it in full conscience that it is a book the Commission should read. It provides a documented history of corporate/government collusion that goes back many decades, both in the U.S. and in Canada.

Sincerely yours,

Marilyn Lerch, Tantramar Alliance Against Hydro-fracking